Primeslots has a wealth of experience in all types of sporting events. We have developed national grassroots youth programs for organizations and have also worked major events.

This broad range has given us a distinctive understanding of a wide variety of events. Based on that experience, Primeslots is positioned to manage any type of event.

We take great pride in our reputation for building events and national grassroots programs from scratch. Our innovative mindset and wide scope of services allows us to create, build and execute events – all within our single organization.

Primeslots is an independent sports event management company skilled in the implementation of sports events for Corporate, Schools & Clubs, as well as client and sponsor servicing. Primesots strives to lead in the innovation of the Hospitality experience. Sporting Events organized with both professional aptitude and creative flair.

Just as important as our ability to develop events from ground zero, we also step in to existing events and take them to the next level. After analyzing the event’s history, operations and budget, we chart a course for elevating it to greater heights in prestige, attendance and revenues.

What We Provide!

Corporations and brands can leverage upon their sports sponsorships to build and strengthen their relationship capital with their consumers – customer loyalty that is built through an emotional bond that can last a lifetime, and which survives periods of economic uncertainty. Those seeking to grow or maintain their market share in the region will find that Asian sports can deliver true value.



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